Social Responsibility in CMPC

Empresas CMPC is characterized by having a strong organizational culture, whose seal is keeping one’s word, honesty, work well done and personal effort, values that are shared by the entire organization.

The growth of its operations, the diversification of products and markets, are the result of rigorous analysis, professionalism, seriousness and long-term perspective of its business management.

Its commitment with the education of the future generations, the local communities and the environment, reflects its flexibility to evolve and produce changes, true to its tradition but innovating when facing each new challenge.

Social Responsibility Policy

Business Chain
  • CMPC contributes to the development of the countries where it works, bringing employment and wealth
  • It manages its business operations efficiently
  • It produces and markets high quality products
  • It establishes strong business relationships with customers and suppliers
  • It participates in the market with quality products and competitive costs
  • It provides clear, reliable, and audited financial information
  • It complies with legal, tax, and market competition regulations
  • CMPC makes training and professional development opportunities available to its employees
  • It puts great emphasis on risk prevention in complex industrial processes
  • It established a very good working environment which in turn stimulates creativity and high performance levels
  • It looks after its employees and their families by creating welfare programs
  • It fully complies with legal, social and employment regulations
  • CMPC has an open doors policy, intended to create development opportunities for communalities where it operates
  • It develops consultations, communication and engagement processes with neighbors and stakeholders
  • It encourages the creation of job opportunities for local residents
  • It supports the education of students from neighboring communities
  • It develops productive projects jointly with neighboring communities, as well as training programs that foster the establishment of micro-enterprises and cooperatives
The CMPC Foundation
  • The CMPC Foundation actively supports the education in communities where the company runs operations
  • It helps primary school children from state schools to improve their academic results
  • It develops teacher training programs in the areas of language and mathematics and it runs school management workshops for principals
  • It develops cultural projects, cinema sessions, concerts, plays, workshops for adults and children
  • It runs workshops the teach mothers how to support their small children’s development
  • CMPC gives priority to generation of renewable energy with biomass
  • It fosters the efficient consumption of water and raw materials
  • It promotes the use of recycled fibers
  • It certifies the forests plantations management and industrial processes
  • It protects the biodiversity in 159,000 hectares of native forests and basin protection areas
  • It fully complies with the environmental law